プーケット島 Thailand A development of tourism

Up to 1972, the island of Phuket was rich in tin and rubber, and tourism did not have much importance to its economy and development. But in the mid of 70’s, magazine «Newsweek» called this nice area "a gift of heaven" for travelers who are looking for something special and unknown. Thus, in a very short time the tourists have flooded the amazing beaches of the island, and a new kind of large industry appeared. Phuket now receives about one million visitors annually. And Phuket hotels improve their quality of service and existing living conditions every season.

Hotel infrastructure continues to develop without a harm to the environment, as it is the main component of the island attractiveness. High buildings of the hotels are conveniently placed among the bright, green and lush vegetation. This odd and marvelous place has gathered vacationers of the different nationalities, social status and age. Most of the hotels stand along the coast, offering fantastic views. They are rather modern and very comfortable, and designed in a way you would describe it in one word “fantastic”.

You will be captivated by the helpful and friendly staff. Phuket resort, whose hotels are famous all over the world, is one of the best in Thailand. Its hotels can’t be compared with any other, as they are special and varied. Everyone will find a suitable variant with the nice style and interior. The success and popularity of Phuket hotels are the fact that they are built and decorated with the passion, great responsibility and with the glance of the international standards of quality. That’s why there are excellent service and modern housing conditions.

弊社はThailand Phuketでの低価格と割引があるホテル3137軒を提供します。弊社の予約システムはPhuketの格安と高級ホテルを提供しまして、ホステル、モーテル、B&B、とPhuketの格安なホテルや宿泊施設を提供します。弊社は、Phuketの中心にあるホテルを提供します。または、安い価格でPhuketの空港ホテルを予約することができます。弊社のシステムは安全で絶対に無料です。